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Stroke Team Students Help Save Lives in Emergency Room

Dr. Sidney Starkman and Link to Article
Dr. Sidney Starkman

Dr. Sidney Starkman on today.ucla.edu --

“Time is brain.”


With these words, UCLA professor of emergency medicine and neurology Dr. Sidney Starkman captures the tick-tick-ticking of the crucial minutes following a stroke — a blood clot or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.


“It’s not just a time clock,” Starkman said. “It’s also a tissue clock,” precious brain cells deprived of nourishment ticking off to death in a matter of hours, brain cells responsible for our ability to speak and move, think and feel. This is where Starkman’s 25-student, all-volunteer Stroke Team comes in.


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Clot-removal device paired with drug shows benefits for stroke patients

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Intra-arterial stroke treatment uses a clot-retrieving device, such as the one illustrated here, made by Stryker Inc., to capture and remove an obstruction to the flow of blood to the brain. (Stryker Inc.)

Dr. Sidney Starkman - At UCLA's Stroke Center, Starkman said, “we’ve seen how well it works and have a team and a system that’s really ready” to provide intra-arterial stroke treatment. “We were enthusiastic all along and wanted to get others to do the same.”
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UCLA - Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification

UCLA is Certified by the Join Commission as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center. The certification confirms that the UCLA Stroke Center has met the highest national standards for safety and quality of care. Read more »

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